Product Design, Sustainability, and User Involvement

Creative design courses
socio-materiel insight
and technical competencies

Topics of the bachelor program

You can, as the only place in Denmark, study Sustainable Design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The Bachelor Programme is a 3-year Bachelor's degree in 6 semesters. After the Bachelor Programme you can take the subsequent 2-year Master's Programme in Sustainable Design or choose one of the other engineering graduate Programmes.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design
On ’Sustainable Design’, you achieves an engineering degree, where creativity, technical knowledge and socio material insight (ie. the interaction between people and material things) go hand in hand. You learn to generate, integrate and visualize ideas while your analytical skills are sharpened. On the Programme we cooperate with businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations and you will learn to translate your ideas in close collaboration with other players.

The Programme has 3 dimensions that through concrete project work is woven closely together:

The creative design courses:
- Visualization Methods, Conceptualization and Development of Prototypes
- Re-design for sustainability
- Creative project management, Idea generation and Systematic Concept development

The socio-material dimension:
- Applied Ethnographic method
- Actor-oriented design
- Co-design and User involvement

The technical qualifications:
- Mathematics, Materials and Mechanics
- Light & materials, Workshop courses
- Energy conversion, Thermodynamics
- System visualization, Data management and Statistic models