Product Design, Sustainability, and User Involvement

The bachelor projects 
are carried out in teams

Semester structure

The Programme has a particular emphasis on design work and development of sustainable solutions. Each semester includes crossdisciplinary development- and design work, where you implement a project with your team. The projects relates to the overall theme of the semester - for example, actor-oriented design or design of product-/service systems.



1st Semester – Actor-oriented design

In the first semester "Actor-oriented design" and "Design processes and Visualisation" you examine a specific need. You will learn to conduct user studies, while you get knowledge of materials and products construction and design. Through the semester project "Actors-oriented design" and "Design processes and Visualisation"you will design your first product, where you take into account the user-needs and the technical feasibility.

Examples of courses at the first semester:

2nd Semester – Re-design for sustainability

In the second semester "Re-design for sustainability" you are introduced to the concept of sustainability. During this semester, you will get tools to re-design a product in relation to choice of materials and manufacturing as well as to design a more environmentally friendly use context, including e.g analysis of product energy conversion and thermodynamic properties.

Examples of courses at the second semester:

Third Semester – Design and use of Prototypes

The third semester, "Design and use of prototypes" is focused on designing and testing prototypes. Throughout this semester, you must build and test different kind of mock-ups and prototypes. You get a thorough knowledge of production processes and how a prototype can be used to establish dialogue with potential users.

Examples of courses at the third semester:

4th Semester - Design of product-/service systems

In the fourth semester "Designing product- service systems" you learn to examine a product or system from a life cycle perspective. Life cycle perspective implies that the product design takes into account all phases of the products lifecycle, from extracted raw materials through processing, assembly, transport, use and disposal.

Examples of courses at the fourth semester:

5th Semester - Design of environmental energy systems

On the fifth semester "Design of environmental energy systems" we introduce you to the major systems, that handles key functions in our society such as energy, transportation and health care. During the project you are working with the design of solutions to optimize or make transition of systems to more sustainable solutions.

Examples of courses at the fifth semester:

6th Semester - Sustainable Design

In the sixth semester you write your bachelor project. You will work with a company, municipality or NGO to develop a sustainable design, which can be either a physical product, a product-service system or a system. During this semester, you must integrate project management, as well as looking at your development from a strategic point of view.

Examples of courses at the sixth semester:

Your bachelor project can comprise a wide range of interdisciplinary areas of cooperation with businesses, organizations, municipalities, etc.:

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